9 Cool Things to Do in Dallas This Summer

Firstly, I’m Kristen! And this is my premiere post with ILiveInDallas.com. Just wanted to drop a note for readers to introduce myself and express my head over heels excitement in joining this community!

Secondly, I’m hot. No, I’m not conceited. It’s hot in Dallas, Texas! And hopefully, after reading this incredibly entertaining article, you will be able to chose from a plethora of cool things to do in Dallas this summer.

1. Chill out at the Dallas Arboretum You can always enjoy a casual nature walk or catch a Cool Thursdays Concert at the Dallas Arboretum, but I highly recommend doing nothing. Free Saturday? Just go to go. Bring a bottle of wine, a blanket and an open heart. Enjoy Mother Nature this summer with no expectations.

2. Hang on a Dallas patio
Now the Gingerman might have an issue with you bringing in your own hammock, but make sure to spend some quality time on this local legend of a patio. Some notable mentions? Christy’s on Greenville and Park on Henderson.

3. Watch Shakespeare’s cool characters
Fair warning, I’m obsessed with Shakespeare during the summer. This was a constant classic source of entertainment for my mother during my elementary years. Need to get the kids away from the Wii? Need to get yourself away from the Wii? Step outside and enjoy some timeless theater productions including, The Two Gentleman of Verona.

4. Let Fido dip in White Rock Lake
As an avid and all-around doggie person, this is one of my favorite 20 minute Sunday morning stops (right after church of course). Remember your galoshes and some serious towelage for your pup’s ride home.

Hotel Joule, Photography by Justin Tervee, www.theurbanfabric.com

5. Stay fresh in Fair Park with summer musicals
I’m seriously trying to figure out why I haven’t been hanging out with my Dallas Summer Musicals season ticket holder friend right now… Hey Ross! Sick from the hot summer air? Pop into the music hall and enjoy some award winning musicals this year like Wicked, Menopause the Musical (leave the boy at home) and Xanadu.

6. Slurp down some Pinkberry
So Royal Lane may not be Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, but it’s definitely getting similar with the recent addition of a Pinkberry. Head over to the Royal location for some frozen delights and feel good knowing you won’t run into Simon Cowell anytime soon. Love to hobnob?? Head over to Main Street in downtown to people watch.

7. Sunbathe with the best
Need help finding the coolest places to get hot? Layout at the Joule rooftop hotel or relax in the Davis’ building porn star certified hot tub. These might just be some of the coolest places in Dallas with some of the hottest people.

8. Bet on a hot stud
Now I know nothing about horses, but Lonestar Park is a guaranteed guy friendly venue. Stuff him with some country cookin, give him a fifty and let him have the time of his life while you watch some of Texas’ hottest country acts coming this summer.

9. Strap on the sandals and head to Superpages
Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews and John Mayer will grace the Big D this year at the Superpages.com Center. Don’t ask me to rank these live concerts by experience because 1) I often don’t remember how great of a time I had and 2) this is a solid group of outstanding performers.

Retriever and Lonestar Park photos courtesy of flickr.

Kristen Kouk, a twenty-something native Texan lives in Dallas and grew up in McKinney, Texas. After trekking to Austin to attend the University of Texas to gain her degree in public relations, she spent one year in sunny southern California before making her way back to the Lone Star State. A savvy traveler and wine enthusiast, she blogs about the best of Texas at TexasTravelJournal.com. To check out her daily musings, follow Kristen on Twitter and check out her personal ramblings at KristenKouk.com.