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Ding Dong the Witch is…Amazing

Ding Dong the Witch is...Amazing

Yes, Wicked fever had certainly been caught all across the city. One might think that maybe the hype was a little overplayed, that perhaps the stories people from all across the country had shared about their experiences with this (as some have said) "life-changing" show might be more hyperbolic than truth. If you thought that'd be wrong.

9 Cool Things to Do in Dallas This Summer

9 Cool Things to Do in Dallas This Summer

Firstly, I’m Kristen! And this is my premiere post with Just wanted to drop a note for readers to introduce myself and express my head over heels excitement in joining this community! Secondly, I’m hot. No, I’m not conceited. It’s hot in Dallas, Texas! And hopefully, after reading this incredibly entertaining article, you will […]