Zach Saucedo’s New Collection at Ross Akard Gallery

The Ross Akard Gallery in the Dallas Arts District will host the opening show for Zach Saucedo's newest collection. The 15-piece collection, Revolutionary But Gangster, is the first solo show for the gallery and it has a twist. Everything in the collection costs $777. This holy number represents the revolution of giving away art to the masses.

The artist quotes, "Revolutionary, because justice is a must, especially in a culture that is blindly evolving as rapidly as ours, Ganster, because we will attain it by any means necessary."

Saucedo is one of the year-round artists featured in Ross Akard Gallery. He is tied to the Dallas art community, having been involved in several local non-profit art shows like DIAC's Off the Grid Show and Falling Whistles.

In his bio, he says, "My visions as an artist change often, and my evolution is a speedy one. I truly believe that none of my work is purely my own and that it is all just an interpretation of a greater message. I invite you to view it along side of me as it happens, and in turn I am just as eager to learn and be inspired by as many of your lives as possible."

This Saturday is the public opening event. The event is free with live music by The Republic of Texas and a live screen-printing by Arreaga.

To view Saucedo's style of work, visit his online portfolio.

Saturday, April 17th, 2010 from 7-10pm

Ross Akard Gallery at The Fairmont
1717 N. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75201

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