Roller Disco + Leg Warmers = Theatrical Brilliance

On Tuesday, April 6, Fair Park in Dallas was overrun by teased hair, short shorts, and some of the brightest colors in the metroplex. No, this wasn't a concert for some punk rock band- it was Xanadu. As mysterious and cryptic as the name of this critically acclaimed musical is, the actors and plot quickly take you past any skepticism and something that you feel, and bring you into a world full of silly songs, campy dance numbers and over the top characters.  To be honest, Xanadu was more like watching your brothers and sisters entertain the family at a local barbecue, that is, of course if your brothers and sisters were ridiculously talented, sang in a way that made you jealous and could move and twist their bodies in ways you never thought possible, all while wearing rollerskates.  Yep- if that was your family then you've probably seen this type of performance in your backyard or living room.  From songs like the opening "I'm Alive," and "Magic," to crowd pleasing "All Over the World," and "Evil Woman."  The soundtrack of this hilarious musical is one that will be stuck in your head long after the last roller skating diva has left the stage.

Xanadu is set in Venice Beach, California in 1980 and tells the story of an overly emotional and melodramatic young artist by the name of Sonny who, frustrated with his life and inability to create an artistic masterpiece, prepares to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Before his life can come to a tragic, albeit artistically cliche end, he is visited by the Greek Muse, Cleo who has disguised herself as Kira: an Australian accent speaking, roller skate riding, legwarmer and spandex wearing blonde bombshell who believes in his dream of artistic creation.  As the two continue to interact throughout the play, Sonny reveals to Cleo, now Kira, that his ultimate dream is to merge all artistic expressions in one location, creating the ultimate creative experience. Sonny's pi·èce de ré·sis·tance will be something that people will come from miles around to experience, and will assuredly launch him into the pantheon of artistic history.  Sonny's grand vision is to create a roller disco.

No good boy/girl story would be complete if the two main characters didn't fall in love and as the story unfolds, Kira and Sonny do just that.  Unfortunately for them, Kira is forbidden from falling love by Zeus. When her jealous sisters realize her affections, a series of hilarious and chaotic situations take place that left the audience barely able to hear the dialogue above the laughter.  This is a story of art, love and disco and truly leaves the audience wanting more.  Though there is no intermission in this almost two hour show, by the time the curtain call comes, you barely realize you've been there for that long.

Xanadu is a fun, free spirited rollerskating romp through the silly and the ridiculous.  It is safe for all, and will be enjoyed by everyone from the youngest adolescent through older adults.  It is only in Dallas through April 18, so be sure to grab your tickets and your skates today and head on over to experience Xanadu for yourself.

See an opening night recap on YouTube from some Xanadu patrons

Dallas Summer Musicals Presents: Xanadu

April 6-18, 2010

Times and Tickets Vary

The Music Hall at Fair Park

909 1st Avenue
Dallas, TX 75210