The Cavern on Lower Greenville

the cavern

The Cavern on Lower Greenville | Dallas, TX

"Do yo want to go up? Do you want to go down?"

That's what's written on the staff t-shirts at The Cavern.

The Cavern is a two-story, tiny bar on Lower Greenville. It's named after the original Cavern that the Beatles made their start in. It's easy to miss, sandwiched between some dance clubs and restaurants across the street from Taco Cabana. The Cavern is definitely a dive bar. It's dark, dingy and there's Beatles memorabilia everywhere.

Downstairs bands play. It can get crowded near the stage. Enjoy the music up front or hang out in the back. Upstairs is known for it's guest D.J.'s. It's always free upstairs. The Cavern upstairs really lives up to it's name. Near the bar are a few tables and an open area that usually serves as a dance floor. Behind the dance floor is a sectioned off area with overstuffed couches. Sporatic tiny candles cast an ominous glow.

The setting upstairs sets up a great weekly dance party called Cool Out. Every Monday two D.J.s spin the best in old soul and funk. Drinks at The Cavern are fairly cheap. You can count on Monday night to be the time the dancing, broke, artistic types come out and let loose. The D.J.'s are very approachable and are obviously there to have a good time. You can always count on a good crowd after 11 and upstairs there is plenty of seating for friends that don't like to dance. Everyone is there just to "cool out" and socialize. I highly recommend stopping by next Monday.

The Cavern, 1914 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX | 214.841.9091

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