Somewhere Other Than Starbucks.

When Starbucks has taken enough of your money, and not even returned a little in free wi-fi, check out some of the local coffee shops in your area. What you will get is better coffee, prices, and a unique experience. Plus, you're supporting local businesses.

Today, Nick and I checked out Opening Bell on South Lamar.

A little on the South side of town, but there are some reasons to go over there once in a while (Lee Harvey's, Bill's Records, Palladium Ballroom). Opening Bell didn't nearly have the crowd I thought it would be, well, because we were the only people there for a while. Turns out the Bell gets busy on Fri. and Sat. night when they have live music on the stage.

To be honest, I liked it the way it was. Good lighting, open seating, music that is playing not on the radio, and fresh, decent coffee (without all the merchandise next to the register when you order.) They also have a wide variety of board games and playing cards, which could be fun for a date, if people still do that anymore.

Oh, and did I mention Free Wi-Fi?

This is just the place to go on a Sunday.

Opening Bell
1409 South Lamar, Basement #012
Dallas, Texas 75215
tel: 214/565-0383
Street side parking and free gated parking on Belleview.

Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm
Friday 7am-midnight
Saturday 9am-midnight
Sunday 10am-2pm

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