AFI Dallas: A Short (List)

Short films often focus on difficult topics which longer, more commercial films usually avoid. Filmmakers benefit from larger freedoms and can take higher risks, but they must rely on festival and art house exhibition to achieve public display. Short Films via Wikipedia

The shorts listed below are part of a program or competition, and each one will not necessarily be in the same program with another. Keep your eye out for times; my advice is to just pick one and go with it. Be unfamiliar with the other short films and go with without any expectations. The short films run 5-15 minutes each, and the whole program will last about an hour. You might see 5 or 6 short films during that time. All of them will give you a taste of something different. One or two will take you by complete surprise and have you thinking, "What the hell?"

...but at least it got you thinking.

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China's Wild West1. China's Wild West
(UK, 2008, 10 mins)
In Turkic with English subtitles
This part-observational, part-impressionistic study of a day in the life of a Muslim community illustrates its hopeful efforts to discover jade in a dried-up riverbed in a remote town on the Silk Road in western China.

Shorts Competition Program
Sunday, March 29th 7:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3
Monday, March 30th 10:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3

dansemacabre-still12. Danse Macabre
(Canada, 2008, 8 mins)
Texas Premiere
Directed By: Pedro Pires

For a certain time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, our corpse animates and stirs in an ultimate macabre ballet. Are the many spasms shaking our body merely erratic motions, or do they echo the twists and turns of our past life?

Shorts Competition Programs
Saturday, March 28th 10:00pm Landmark's Magnolia 4
Sunday, March 29th 10:15pm Landmark's Magnolia 4

no image available3. Fred
(2009, 7 mins)

Meet Fred Holston, a 16-year-old Dallasite who isn't living like a typical teen. He plays with various local bands, works with a photographer in Deep Ellum, and has an alter-ego of a 83-year-old Jewish woman. He may not be concerned with getting into college or attending high school, but his passion for life is infectious - even the wisest, most world-weary person can be inspired by Fred.

High School Shorts plays in High School Shorts | School: Episcopal School of Dallas
Sunday, March 29th 5:00pm @ Victory Plaza

earlynineties24. The Early Nineties
(USA, 2008, 7 mins)
Student Competition plays in Student Shorts
World Premiere

Directed By: Andrew Mailliard

Utilizing video and drawings, Andrew Mailliard explores three defining moments in his childhood and his relationship with his mother.

Student Competition
Saturday, March 28th 7:15pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 4
Sunday, March 29th 4:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3

From Burger It Came5. From Burger It Came
(USA, 2008, 7 mins)
Directed By: Dominic Bisignano

A recounting of the early 1980s cold-war fears of a young boy in middle America.

Animated Shorts Competition
Sunday, March 29th 1:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3
Monday, March 30th 7:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3

megatron-0816. Megatron
(Romania, 2008, 15 mins)
In Romanian with English subtitles
World Premiere
Directed By: Marian Crisan
Cinematographer: Tudor Mircea

Maxim’s turning 8 years old. For his birthday, his mother takes him from the village to a McDonald’s in the city.

Shorts Competition Programs
Wednesday, April 1st 7:30pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 5
Thursday, April 2nd 4:00pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 3

trece anos7. Trece Años
(Cuba, USA, 2008, 7 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Topaz Adizes

A young man returns home to his family in Cuba for the first time in 13 years and experiences a divide greater than physical distance.

Target Narrative Feature Competition
Monday, March 30th 10:00pm @ AMC NorthPark 15 - Th 2
Tuesday, March 31st 7:15pm @ Landmark's Magnolia 4

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