6 Tips For AFI Dallas Moviegoers


For me, last year's AFI Fest was amazing. I volunteered, went to a few premier screenings, and even watched short films for the first time. Like with anything done a second time, I have reflected back on the things I wish I would have done, and this time, I look forward to doing it better. Take my advice ...or don't. Just promise yourself that you will go and experience at least one film screening next week. Remember, it is what you make it.

6 tips for enhancing your AFI Dallas experience:

1. Buy your tickets online and in advance.
Why? Because some of the screenings WILL sell out. Especially the 6/7:00 screenings, and films getting a lot of press. There will be a table (or tables) setup with volunteers, and you can pick up tickets under your name. If you don't know where to go, ask a volunteer (last year we were in red shirt/jackets). They're there to answer your questions.

2. See a short film.
Why? 10 minutes can make an impact on you. Check the movie schedule and find one that is playing before or after your screening. Just do it.

3. Arrive 30 min to 1 hr prior to the film.
Why? Because sitting in the front row sucks.

4. Watch the film credits in its entirety.
Why? Because after most screenings (and after the credits have rolled), the filmmakers will talk about their film and take questions from the audience. Last year, Patrick Creadon, Director of I.O.U.S.A, even took the Q&A session out in the hall after his time ran out in the theater.

5. Don't forget to rate the film.
Why? Because many of the films are up for an Audience Award, and you get to decide.

6. Bring your camera.
Why? Because what if Adrien Brody happens to be standing next to you?

Photo: AFI / Helvetica / After Party uploaded by Matthew Derek Nelson on 27 Mar 07, 11.15PM CDT.

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