Back Alley Swap Meet in Deep Ellum this Sunday

For the last two months I have been doing my holiday shopping online to avoid the malls and crowds. What's ironic about this year's avoidance of Christmas shopping is how "the malls are not even crowded." Actually, it's not ironic; I'm happy to see people finally get smart (scared?) and actually think before spending their money so frivolous and flamboyantly on materialistic overpriced goods. It wasn't until just recently have I been into buying gifts that have more meaning than "Here. I bought this last night at Target." (I also wanted to lose the reputation of being a bad gift-giver.) This event will be great for any last minute gifts for the people in my life.

It's Malcolm's Back Alley Swap Meet on Sunday, December 21st, 2008 from 11am to 3pm. The outdoor market will be filled with local artists, florists and vendors selling some of their vintage ware and collectibles. Who knows? ... which is what makes it all the more exciting. If you don't come to spend the dough, stay for the live music, with Jason Michael of Jones Band (listen here ... I say, "Not bad for my first listen. Wait. This is Good.") and techno DJ Ineka Guerro.

If you miss this one, you haven't missed out. The swap meet convenes every 3rd Sunday of the month.

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The swap meet is located on the corner of Malcolm X Blvd and Elm St.

Deep Ellum street Graffiti.

Deep Ellum street Grafitti. originally uploaded by freehester.

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