Just Wine For Me, Thank You

When you're done with Uptown, or never even tried to pretend, check out The Grape - a classy, humble joint on Greenville Ave.

Stop by after work or on the weekend and you'll never feel over or under dressed. The place has been on Greenville for the last 35 years and framed articles cover the brick hallway's like fancy patterned wallpaper.

The wine list offers a variety of selections but nothing to the extent that you are choosing between the '73 and '82 Bordeaux. We're on Greenville, not in Uptown. As for me, any place that carries Sauvingon Blanc from New Zealand and serves it by the glass is fine (Audrey Heburn not Florence Nightingale fine.)

The bar area is fairly empty for the most part (on a weekday), set with tiny tiled Greek tables and a long bench along the wall; perfect if you want to enjoy an evening alone without feeling "alone" (eh hem, that's where you will find me with a book and a drink.)

The place was comforting and that's what I liked about it.

It's like a secret hangout with dive and class ...and no one knew you were ever there.

...that is, unless you blog about it or something.

The Grape Restaurant
2808 Greenville Ave
Dallas, Texas 75206
Ph: 214/828-1981

Dinner nightly from 5:30pm
Happy Hour M-F 4:30-7pm
Sunday Brunch 10:30-2pm
Make reservations using opentable.com or call 214/828-1981.

Events this month
On August 31st, The Grape is offering a three-course wine paired meal for $45. Call to make reservations.

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