Art Show with Brenda Bogart Supporting North Texas Food Bank [November 21-22]

What: Art and Jewelery Show featuring Brenda Bogart and Whitney Williams
When: Friday, November 21st from 2pm-8pm; Saturday, November 22nd from 10am-3pm
Where: 3636 University Blvd, Dallas, TX (map it!)
Admission Price: Free admission. Over 100 original pieces will be on display and the buyer names the price. Half of all art sales will be generously donated to the North Texas Food Bank.

It's not very often I see pieces that make me forget about my surroundings and zero in on every detail of the solid, still movement in front of me. It's nearly (if not completely) impossible to duplicate the reaction I get when I'm not in the presence of art  that moves me, but I will try: My feelings become obsolete and I become aware of my breathing. Anxiety is now a forgotten language. I am saddened by beauty and vision that I believe would be seen by the artist before the canvas is possessed with brush strokes. Life is suddenly serious and very real .... but I am unaware of all these feelings because right now I am only breathing and rapidly moving my eyes to cover every perimeter of what is directly in front of me. This is what art does for me; it's nearly (if not completely) impossible for me to describe (and I am a little embarrassed I even tried.)

Originally uploaded by Brenda Bogart


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