How the West Won Our Hearts

Walking into 909 1st Ave. on Tuesday, you'd think for a moment that Dallas' early days had suddenly made a pronounced resurgence.  Peeking out from amongst the concrete and glass, chuckwagons and cowboys emerged, entertaining Dallasites who were obviously enthralled by a life they knew little of, save what they had seen on television.  As piping hot bowls of beans steamed their delicious flavors to hungry patrons, they were ushered inside to come face to face with characters who have become synonymous with the American drive to settle the west.  Little girls in prairie dresses and young cattle rustlers stood beside their parents awestruck as Laura Ingalls and her family danced across the stage, drawing us into their world, and taking us back to a time when work and family were all that mattered.  Little House on the Prairie had rolled into Dallas Summer Musicals.

Little House on the Prairie tells the story of the Ingalls, a turn of the century family who pack up everything and push westward in a search for their own piece of American history.  Pa Ingalls is determined to give his family a better life, and decides that the best and only way to do that is to take the government up on their offer to give 160 acres to any family that can successfully work the land for five years in the untamed Western frontier.  With a wagon full and his three daughters and wife in tow, Pa sets out to make the most of what has been offered to him and his family.  To be fair, the story is less about the Ingalls family and more about Laura, the precocious and high spirited middle daughter who would just as soon break a colt than do her homework.  Laura is brilliantly played by Kara Lindsay, a veteran actor who fully embodies all of the firey traits inherent to the young settler.  From the moment we are introduced to Laura, we realize that we are in for a treat.  She's funny, sarcastic, witth and a little off beat, reminding us all too often of some of the favorite friends we had growing up- the ones who would mutter things under their breath that everyone else was thinking but no one else dare say.  To say that Lindsay was the highlight of the show would be true, but only because of the phenomenal cast of characters she had surrounding her.  Each and every cast member brought their own spice and flair to the stage, and for 2 and a half hours you forgot that you were inside the Music Hall and allowed yourself to be transported to the still wild west.

Little House runs through May 23 at the Music Hall at Fair Park and tickets range in price.

Dallas Summer Musicals Presents: Little House on the Prairie

Through May 23, 2010

Times and Tickets Vary

The Music Hall at Fair Park

909 1st Avenue
Dallas, TX 75210