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Freshen up your home

If you're striving for a pleasant smell at home, you have a lot of choices. You can get a bottle that smells like a barber shop. Or you can smell like a house or office. Whatever it is, you should know what the difference is between an air freshener and a fragrance for house smell. Here's what you need to know.

Scent is the fragrance that's released when your air freshener is opened. It's not a chemical fragrance, and there is a difference between a non-chemical (or scentless) house air freshener and one that contains chemicals. In addition to the words "chemical" and "fragrance" that most people are familiar with, there are a few other terms that will help you understand what you're buying. Just be sure to visit the website to get the best advice.


These products are made without fragrances, but contain a few ingredients that smell like a clean, fresh scent. This category includes items like mint, fresh milk, and mint. This category is perfect for the smell of a home. If your air freshener is made from natural materials, like the ones in our organic home air freshener collection, you're not likely to find any fragrances in it. There are only a few fragrances added into these items to help them pass the odor detection tests. While non-chemical products will smell a little different than a chemical-laden one, they'll smell about the same. Fragrance The most noticeable difference between these products and the ones we sell is the smell of the fragrance you'll receive. This can be positive or negative depending on what you want. You may get an exciting smell when you're in the midst of a powerful scent event. You may also get a less satisfying odor when your scent isn't strong enough or smells like old cat food. Because fragrances have a wide range of smells, it's impossible to know what a certain fragrance will smell like until you receive it. This is where having fragrance-friendly products helps.

Many of the fragrances we sell contain ingredients with high "pH" values (high numbers indicate an acidic smell) and we feel it's important to be aware of these before purchasing. When fragrances get too hot, they will burn and produce a bitter, acrid smell.

Powdered Moisturizer We make sure we use only high quality products when we make our powders. Many of the creams and lotions we carry contain artificial fragrance. Fragrance is natural, so it is no surprise that some products are not able to compete with the natural fragrance we use. Many companies have begun creating products which do not contain the fragrant ingredients that we need to make our essential oils. We encourage you to purchase natural products, rather than synthetics.