Dallas Filmmaker Creates Double T Productions to Bring ‘Hollywood’ Film Industry to the Metroplex

Dallas-based producer, Timothy Talbott, is on a mission to put the Big D back in the sights of Hollywood-made motion picture filmmakers. He’s created a production and distribution company, Double T Productions, to accredit the potential of Dallas-based filming. He developed this passion project as a platform to create opportunities for local business and talent. The unity and pride of Texans fuel his fire to bring prominence to how ‘outside the box’ residents are.

“People find inspiration in different forms of entertainment, especially movies, so why wouldn’t we advocate for it?” said Talbott. “I want to work from ‘home’ with people who feel the same.”

The problem for Talbott is that filmmakers choose to produce movies in other states using their land and labeling it Texas, so these states make a profit instead. He points out that Dallas, and Texas in general, has various appealing aspects that the industry often overlooks, such as unique landscapes, qualified crews, and climate.

After conducting research, he found that filming significantly helps local economies. Productions have spent $1.3 billion in Texas Economy between Sept. 1, 2007, to Aug. 31, 2017, and created 153,000 jobs. For example, “The Long Road Home” filmed in Fort Hood in Killeen, TX projected $1.5 million saved by shooting there instead of on an L.A. backlot. The HGTV show “Fixer Upper” and its Magnolia Market attracted an average of more than 30,000 visitors a week in 2017, which increased economic flow within the community.

Talbott is currently in the process of producing several films this year, including “Silhouette”, “Trunkfish”, and “Comanchero”, all of which will carry the mission of proving what Texas is made of. He is also working towards building a production studio in Dallas to entice investors to follow the movement.

“Through sheer determination, Tim is building a studio that will stimulate the innovative energy of thousands of extremely talented individuals who have been waiting for an opportunity to create,” said actor and host of “The Ugly Stick Tour”, Crew Wyard.