Ignite Dallas Back For Round 2 at Granada Theater

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Since Ignite's inception in 2006, the Seattle-bred event has been scheduled in over 100 cities around the world. Dallas made that list back in March 2010 and is now getting ready for Round 2, scheduled for June 2nd at Granada Theater.

Ignite Dallas
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
First speaker begins 7:30pm.
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Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206

The evening will be high energy and offer professional and personal insight into some of the interesting and creative individuals living in our community. Seventeen different personalities will get on stage one after the other and share with the audience a piece of their lives and in just a very short period of time. 5-minutes to be exact! The format is kept short to keep the program moving along. The presentations are timed for 20 slides; each slide auto-advances on the screen every 15 seconds. So: Get your tickets, meet new people and enjoy the show!

Ignite Dallas is organized by several astounding local volunteers and sponsored by local businesses and organizations.

Speaker Lineup for Ignite Dallas 2: (for a complete description of all the presentations, visit http://ignitedallas.org/speaking/ignitedallas-2)

Ajay Waghray – LIFE: What I Learned After College Graduation
Carrie Corcoran – Pole Dancing
David Gouldin – The Economics of Free
Emily Rushing – Pirates v. Ninjas; Librarianship in the 21st Century
Eric Bruntmyer – Three Questions for Life
Eric Swayne – Put Yourself Out of Business
James Bird Guess – The Success Process
James Snider – When Engineers Become Marketers…bad things happen
Jessica Miller-Merrell – 7.2 Ways to Get Fired Because of Social Media
Joe Flowers – Crowdsourcing the Taco
John Keehler – LOST in 5 Minutes
Jon Hartman – Attaining Awesomeness Through Chess
MeLinda McCall – Relax at 70mph!
Rob Scott – How to Grow and Manage Your Online Reputation
Tommy Thompson – A New Brand of US Hispanics
Wendi Medling – A Fair Trade Trip Around the World
Willie Baronet – We are all homeless

Follow the complete Twitter List of Speakers:

Still not sure what you're in for? Have a look at some of Ignite's featured talks on their weekly show:

How to Work a Crowd, Ep23 - Alexis Bauer


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