We Made It! ILiveinDallas Will Be at SXSW Interactive 2010!

ILiveinDallas.com, along with our friends at In-This-Economy.com and FiveOClockDallas.com, have been selected as a Core Conversation at SXSW Interactive 2010! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for our panel back in August.

Each panel submitted to SXSW went through three voting channels  - 30% community (you!), 40% SXSW advisory board, and 30% SXSW staff. We asked you to vote for us and help get the the Citizen Journalism Brigade panel to stand out over 2,200 other panel submissions. During the last days of voting, we made it on the SXSW Hot List, where we stayed for several days, and received media coverage on DMagazine.com and Pegasus News. We were thrilled by the response from our community. Because of your votes and support, our panel gained the attention of the advisory board and staff and we'll be heading down to SXSW in March!

ILiveinDallas, Five O'Clock Dallas, and In This Economy will be organizing a SXSW farewell happy hour - check back soon for details about the event.

About the core conversation:

Citizen Journalism Brigade - Making Your Voice Matter
The future of Journalism lies in your hands. Citizen journalists from coast to coast are launching websites so THEY can write about their interests. But does it work? Can you make money? Where is it going and will it be around in a few years? These questions, and more will be answered during SXSW 2010!

Team CJ is Colin Alsheimer, Jennifer Conley, Rondo Estrello, Alyssa Gardina, Rachel Pinn, and Derek Rundgren.

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