Cliff Notes Presents Open Mic at Mighty Fine Arts


Looking for a unique event to kick off your Friday night? I might have come across just the thing!

Cliff Notes Presents Open Mic Night at Mighty Fine Arts
with Special Guest Josh Weir and Musical Performance by Atrium

Cliff Notes Prolonged Media is a new and independent bookstore in the Oak Cliff area. The 400 sq ft store is filled with character - selling literature from the Beatnik movement to more recent, self-published works by local authors.

Last month, Cliff Notes had a successful, standing room only Open Mic night. This Friday night, the crowd will gather again at Mighty Fine Arts for their second event.

Friday, January 8, 2010 from 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Mighty Fine Arts
419 N. Tyler
Dallas, TX 75208

RSVP on the Facebook event page to get your name on the list. I imagine they're not going to turn you away if you don't RSVP, but that's your call.

Josh Weir Bio
Josh Weir is a writer living and working in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He has been published in Mad Swirl, Barbaric Yawp, DFW Poetry Review, Death List Five, and was a part of The Mad Swirlabout multimedia extravaganza of 2009. His gritty writing style explores the topics of poverty and the rejection of being an outsider. He considers writing a place of comfort in and uncomfortable world. His pressence on the microphone is subtle intensity, raw emotion and unapologetic truth. Josh's new chapbbok, 'Not So Super After All' is now available at Cliff Notes Prolonged Media.

About Cliff Notes
Cliff Notes Prolonged Media is a new bookstore for wonderful Oak Cliff. Everything from beat literature, magazines, (including Bicycle Times, Mojo, Mother Jones, Yoga Journal and more), classic literature, books on cultivation, poetry of all types, books in spanish, insense, posters of jazz and rock icons, CDs, DVDs, comics, vinyl and local writers from your neighborhood.

About Mighty Fine Arts
Mighty Fine Arts is an artist-run gallery located in the scenic and historic Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. Artist Steve Cruz started the gallery in June of 2004 with the intention of providing an alternative space for innovative and underrepresented artists. mfa presents an eclectic array of shows with the guiding criteria of presenting work that is resonant, thoughtful and highly accomplished. From mid-career to fresh and unknown artists, mfa hopes to enlarge the perceptions of contemporary art in North Texas.

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