Fan Expo Dallas 2018 Event Photos And Review

If you were in downtown Dallas last weekend it was almost impossible not to notice the mass hordes of people in costumes heading to Fan Expo Dallas. With a large list of prominent guests (such as Chuck Norris, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer, and Christopher Lloyd to name a few) it is definitely no surprise that people flooded the event.

On Saturday morning, you could barely move between the crowds lining up to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. That said, it is strangely a pleasant experience. You rarely, if ever, see any people being unpleasant or angry towards other attendees. It is a very rare experience in today’s world with crowds that large.

Fan Expo Dallas also had some awesome panels awaiting the fans. Saturday night Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, sang “Part Of Your World” for the crowd. Sunday, Chuck Norris and his wife gave a fireside chat about his personal journey to becoming the action icon he is today. His panel was then followed up by a hilarious Q&A session with the cast of Stranger Things. There were, of course, many other panels but I did not have time to see them all.

The celebrity events may have been the FXD18 highlights, but there were numerous other awesome activities as well (way too many to fit into a single weekend). People of any background or age could find something they enjoyed between the laser tag tournaments, board games, children’s activity center, cosplay contests, and countless vendors. Below are just a small portion of the awesome cosplay costumes and celebrities that were in attendance. Enjoy!