Fleetwood’s Kit Kat: Free Bike Rides & Rentals

V i i r u i s aFleetwood's Kit Kat is a new custom bike shop on East Mockingbird (next to the 7-Eleven). This retro shop sells/rents beach cruisers, and organizes a group ride (led by the owner, Fleetwood) every Sunday at 2pm. The ride is free and ... wait for it ... so is the bike rental. Free bike rentals are on a first come, first serve basis on Sunday's only. According to the website, March 27th will kick off the first Friday night ride at 8pm. For more information, drop by the shop. Their website is a bit buggy, but they're working on it (see below).

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff was one of the first to post about this new hip shop. (Of course, credit goes to Stephanie for sharing with ILiD first!) There are some very informative comments on BFOC's post about the shop. Even Fleetwood himself commented!:

First, thanks to anyone mentioning our store! We just got up and running and we are doing our best to create a unique cruiser bike experience, which is something new around here. I’ve never owned a retail shop and I’m not even an experienced biker….so….give us a little time to get where we need to be. We are working on the website. Literally just got a home page up, so, please don’t judge it yet ;) . We are bringing in another line of cruisers which are a little more affordable and we will be carrying accessories to customize the bikes. Bells, Liquid Caddies, Fat Frank Tires, Big Apple Tires, Trik Topz valve covers, baskets, handlebars, and custom seats. To clarify, the bikes rent for $15 for the first hour, then $5 every hour thereafter or $35 for 24 hours and we rent FELTS….no one else rents a cruiser that nice! .... We will improve the store experience as we go. Please stop by and say hi and we hope to see you soon. Once again….help us spread the word and we will try and do something special!! Thanks…Fleetwood

V i i r u i s a by Pörrö

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