Diamonds of Dallas Dance Party with local charity OpportunityPlus Dec. 7

Local pop artist, Abigail Nakhro, known as her stage name Seysei, is set to release her single “Diamonds” and complementing visual with a Diamonds of Dallas Dance Party at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7 at Capital Factory off Oak Lawn. It fuses a dance showcase, pop show, and charity event in one night. Pairing with local Charity, OpportunityPlus, attendees have the opportunity to give back to the community with on-site donations and a special presentation by the organization. There will also be a lineup of top female dancers in the Metroplex, tunes by DJ Dawn, and a special performance by Seysei to wrap up the night.

“It’s a fully loaded creative and women empowerment event that’s one-of-a-kind,” said Seysei. “No matter how insignificant the world makes you feels, the only way you can shine or refract light upon others is if you believe you have it and that’s how you’ll leave the event feeling.”

The inspiration behind “Diamonds” was clear for Seysei. It was about finding inner confidence at a time when she was trying to find her value again after facing difficult life struggles. It shows through the fusion of pop, synth, and EDM sounds that provide an upbeat vibe to the deeply rooted lyrics. Throughout the songwriting process, she started feelingmore like a diamond because it reminded her just how much diamonds are born from adversity and intense pressure - things that she has undergone and continues to push through in her life and career.

“There was a point where I felt used and unloveable, like someone’s leftovers,” said Seysei. “A diamond was the furthest feeling from my mind and this song helped me embed that belief again.”

Complementing that song is the visual, which exhibits the freedom and fun that girls enjoy when they are truly themselves and having a good time. It showcases dancers and how their diverse background gives them a ‘unique sparkle’ that lights up the screen in their performance. Creating this element to the single was important to Seysei as it allows audiences to feel the intention of the song as being somewhat of a girl-anthem and injects electric-girl power throughout the scenes.

“Diamonds” released Friday, Nov. 30 on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and more. The visual drops on Friday, Dec. 7 on YouTube. All the efforts and proceeds will be going to OpportunityPlus for the EmpowerHER program which helps minority women start their businesses around the world and are now focused here locally. For more information, visit and