The Dallas Comedy House Has a Breakaway Hit in “Buddies!”

I gave up on sitcoms (which I define as 30 minutes, a laugh track, and a living room set) close to a decade ago, but that was before I knew they could be improvised. "Buddies!" is a parody of a mid-1990s sitcom which is made up on the spot every Friday night at the Dallas Comedy House.

The four friends will get a suggestion for an episode title from the audience, such as "The One Where the Rangers Win the World Series" or "The One Where Blondes Take Over the World", and then they are off and running for about 30 minutes, exploring ridiculous scenarios inspired by the episode title. Every episode also features a new special guest, who tends to be an admired regular at the Dallas Comedy House.

I don't know how many episodes I saw during "Season 1", I stopped counting after five. The season finale, "The One Where They Remember the One Where" was an improvised clip show where the guys remembered things that never actually happened in Season 1, and it featured every single special guest that appeared previously. That was a logistical and comedic triumph.

This might go without saying, but you don't need to watch any previous episodes in order to "catch up." Cody, Kyle, Landon and Tim moved into a sweet new pad in Oak Cliff at the beginning of Season 2 and every week is a blank slate. I really think it's the most fun you can have for $5 in Deep Ellum.

The Dallas Comedy House has regular drink specials and clever pita sandwiches, but there are also great restaurants nearby.

The Details:

When: Friday's at 10pm (check the calendar for more details)
Where: Dallas Comedy House, 2645 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226
How much: $5

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