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Dallas International Film Festival 2011-Why This Year is Different

After nearly a decade in the political field, I found myself in a world of fashion, actors, musicians, and athletes. It’s an uncomfortably affluent atmosphere, full of possibility and good intentions. But I’ve learned that amidst the great intentions are productions, gowns, and events costing tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve hoped for more, something that stretched beyond that typical, often times pretentious scene, and into something more meaningful, beneficial, and inclusive of those of us who can’t pay the $500 or more price tag for a charity gala or dinner.

Lucky for me, the residents of Dallas, and everyone attending the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival, this year’s festivities have a different twist. While the Dallas Film Society continues to impress with their all-star lineup of fantastic films, they’ve brought fashion, family, philanthropy, and fine art to center stage.

Abi Ferrin’s Fashion Rewind show and after party includes a reinterpretation of Hollywood fashion icons, an exciting live installation, AND proceeds from the event benefit the Freedom Project, the Dallas Film Society, and the American Heart Association…proof that it’s possible to mix an affordable but classy event for a good cause!

Dallas Film Society’s Artist in Residence, Rolando Diaz, brings a unique spin to the Dallas International Film Festival as well with a new event, Euphoria Live. Diaz, a Cuban born, Dallas based artist who believes that art is the expression of life, will create an original work of art while classically trained pianist, Seth Simmons performs his original composition. And if watching this DFS original spectacle isn’t quite enough, immediately following the art/music collaboration, there will be a screening of Recapturing Cuba: An Artist’s Journey, a film about Diaz and his experiences as an artist.

While my passion for film is still in tact, and movies will always be a nice mini-vacation, I have to admit that I am very excited to know DFS is paying attention to art as a whole and reaching out to help others in such a unique and meaningful way. The two aforementioned events are only a couple of the myriad of fantastic opportunities everyone in Dallas will be able to enjoy. I selfishly want this concept to continue in the following years, and the only way that will happen is if these events are successful. Stay tuned for more details about these and other great DIFF events, get off your couch, and experience the differences this festival has to offer!