YoungNCultured Kicks Off Concerts@ AMLI Quadrangle

YoungNCultured is kicking off their first concert series event at AMLI Quadrangle this Friday, June 19th. This month's concert series brings in Fort Worth music icons Traveler. The band begins at 8:13pm. The concert event is free and so are the food and drinks - RSVP on Facebook. And after the show, enjoy great drink specials at Christie's Sports Bar. Get there early, and stay late.

2717 Howell St.
Dallas, TX 75204

What makes this concert event unique? Traveler is going to start playing at 8:13pm for about an hour. They might get through 10 songs or maybe just 5. The idea is to get some conversation flowing between you and the band. Ever wanted to ask a band what that song really means? Or how the guitarist played that last chord? Ask Traveler this Friday.

And after the show, there will be a one-on-one interview with Damany Daniel, the creator of YNC, and the band members of Traveler. Catch a sneak peak by checking out Traveler's video blog.

For more information on Traveler, visit Traveler on Myspace.

YnC exists to act as the link between young adults and the culture in their community by fostering relationships centered around the discovery and appreciation of the arts in all its varied expressions. For more information about YoungNCultured, visit YnC's website.


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