And/Or Gallery and The House of Dang Celebrate the Last Dance

This is it, Seniors. The last dance.

And/Or Gallery Press Release #23: A final music installation and dance party to celebrate And/Or Gallery's move to NYC (Fall 2009), The House of Dang's relocation to a design studio in Oakcliff and their new clothing line to open with Launch, at the Galleria (Fall 2009).

24.312 via Flickr by only alice

24.312 via Flickr by only alice

In the gallery during this party, we're creating a replica of a rave, which you may notice is not dissimilar from shows we've put on before except for the volume. Video content will be provided by our artists: Kevin Bewersdorf, Paul Slocum, Guthrie Lonergan, Tom Moody, Marcin Ramocki, Kristin Lucas, Michael Bell-Smith, and Travis Hallenbeck. The music will be a mixture of house and rave-appropriate techno, selected by Paul Slocum. The playlist will include remixes and new material by Tree Wave. It's the LAST DANCE!

When: Friday July 24th from 7pm - til
Where: And/Or Gallery
4221 Bryan St. Suite B
Dallas, TX 75204

For more info, contact Paul Slocum (gallery director) at 214.676.5347

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