“Historical Parks of Israel” Now Showing At The Dallas Museum of Biblical Art

Last weekend at the Dallas Museum of Biblical Art, a new photo exhibition was unveiled with much fanfare. The "Historical Parks of Israel" by photographer David Salomon was commissioned last year by the museum, and now over 30 photographs of the historical sites line the walls.

At the opening, around 120 people filled the beautiful space, that may be the most underrated museum in Dallas. Salomon, a fascinating man, spoke in the tone of a professor of philosophy to the room of people, nestled together between enormous statues and sculptures. He spoke of the history of Israel in the context of the world. The photos he explained are not just of one nation but are reflective of a place with meaning to people around the world. The origins of three major religions and  the roots of modern humans life are found within the countries landmarks.

Indeed the gallery – just a few steps away from an Andy Warhol exhibit – is unlike most photos of Israel I've seen. Salomon's photos include a Mosque, landscapes, and caves so distant from the almost clichéd photos of Israel showing the Dome of the Rock towering over Jerusalem.

Salomon who was born and raised in Israel, would also serve in the Israel Defense Force, has traveled all over the small country. His photos, even the ones showing the most recognizable  place in the nation, are taken with unique perspectives. Even the most iconic sites of Jerusalem are seen from an angle visitors would likely never venture.

Taking photos in places few go may well be the hallmark of Salomon's artistic works. In 2011 he published Penguin-Pedia, an encyclopedia about penguins, a book includes photos of every penguin species. He was the first person to have done so, and only one of a hand full of people  to have seen each of the 17 living species of penguins in person. He's also captured rare shots of cheetah cubs in the wild as young as eight weeks, flamingo chicks and other rare photos of wildlife.

Salomon's gallery will be at the Museum of Biblical Art runs until January 2020 and maybe the best way to experience Israel without a passport.

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