Tenacious D Prepares To Rock Deep Ellum This October

The devil may have lost to Johnny down in Georgia, but don’t forget that he also felt the sting of defeat by Tenacious D’s musical skills. Next month, Dallas will have the opportunity to hear them perform “The Greatest Song In The World” (or at least the tribute to it). Actor and musical artist Jack Black will be bringing bandmate Kyle Gass to rock Dallas like never before.

Many fans will recognize the duo from the cult classic Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. The movie came out in 2006, but it has been over two decades since Tenacious D first debuted as a band. The award-winning group released their latest album, Post-Apocalypto, last year. Now, DFW will have the chance to hear it in person. In what Jack Black has described as a rock opera, fans will find themselves following a story hand-drawn by himself and voiced by the duo.

The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum will host this epic event on October 19that 7:00pm. This show will undoubtedly hold some serious rock, so it is not recommended for younger viewers. For tickets to the event or more information visit www.thebombfactory.com. Also, be on the look out for our upcoming exclusive interview with Jack Black!