Texas Native Sean Patrick Flanery Visits FXD17


Earlier this month I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Sean Patrick Flanery at Fan Expo Dallas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sean, he is a native Texan that has been on the big screen since the 1990s.

He has starred in movies such as Powder and Saw 3D. Sean has also had roles in various successful television series such as The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Dead Zone, The Young and the Restless, as well as Dexter. In addition to acting, he recently authored a book titled “Jane Two”.

However, Sean is best known for his role in The Boondock Saints. The movie is a cult classic that follows the MacManus brothers, played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, as they become vigilantes in an effort to rid Boston of its largest criminals. It has gone on to spur two sequels due to its success.

When I met Sean for the interview he immediately shook my hand and began to strike up a conversation as if he had known me for years. It was easy to see why he has such a large fan base. After two grueling days of appearances he still happily entertained each fan in line. His energy and charisma proved to be almost as large as his Hollywood success.


I just wanted to welcome you back to the DFW area. Is there a favorite place that you try to visit or go when you are here?

I’d have to say the Grassy Knoll. It’s just iconic you know? It (JFK’s assassination) was just such a major part of the history here so I try to go by when I get a chance. There’s also the museum there that is pretty cool.

I know you live in California but does Texas still feel like home to you?

Texas doesn’t feel like home to me, Texas IS home. I mean it is where I was born and where I grew up. It’s what I wrote my book about. So yeah, this is home.

Why do you think The Boondock Saints has become such a large success?

You know, that’s a good question. There is so much that goes into making a film, so many components. It is hard to narrow it down to a single recipe. You can’t really do it. It is like a beautiful woman, every dude has his own opinion. What works for some may not work for others. So in short, I really don’t know.

There is a Boondock Saints 3 movie in the works. Will you still be involved?

I can neither confirm nor deny that.

**He said this with a smile so we can only hope that means Sean will indeed play a role in the sequel.

You have many hobbies going on outside of acting. You are a “professional” racecar driver, black belt, and author to name a few. What would you say is your favorite activity?

My passion, outside of family, is definitely Brazilian Jujitsu. I would say passion rather than hobby. A hobby just sounds like something you don’t really put much effort into. I train every chance that I get. It not only teaches you self defense but so much more. I have my own school and my son is currently learning it as well.

Jason David Frank is another karate expert in attendance. Could you take him in a match?

Jason is actually a friend of mine. We have been meaning to train together. He is an expert at what he does. Could I take him in a match? Man, I don’t know. I would say that he definitely has the faster hands but I’m better at the ground game than he is.

You played Indy in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”. Have you been contacted to play a role in the fifth movie installment? If not, would you be willing to?

No, I haven’t but I would love to. The show (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) is what opened the doors for me. It is where I got my start. Nobody says no to George Lucas. None of this would have been possible without it.

**At this point in the interview Sean stopped me to bring my attention to an attendee taking a photo with David Rocco who was located next to us. Being in the background, he motioned for me to photobomb the picture with him. I proceeded to follow through with the idea. Who wouldn’t? Some unsuspecting guy now has a photo with two celebrities and a small time journalist to cherish forever.

What is your favorite television show or recent movie to watch?

My favorite show, without a doubt, is The Walking Dead. I mean my best friend (Norman Reedus) is on it. It would be like you having your brother on a show; you are going to watch it.

Do you have any other major productions in the works?

Right now of course I have my books (Jane Two: A Novel). I also have a new movie called Unhinged.

Speaking of your book, in a few words what should those that haven’t read it expect and how did it come about?

The book has been such a milestone in my life. No, I would say majorstone. The term milestone seems overused and so small. I mean this book is a huge f***ing moment in my life. It is about life, growing up here in Texas, everything. If you want to know anything about me it is in this book.


You can follow Sean on twitter (@seanflanery) and instagram (@spflanery). If you would like to know more about Sean’s book you can check out www.janetwo.com or purchase Jane Two: A Novel at most major bookstores. Keep an eye out for his upcoming movies as well. Maybe Steven Spielberg will get wind of this conversation and realize that what the new Indiana Jones movie needs is a cameo from the guy who helped bring the character to a new generation? Either way I eagerly look forward to seeing what Sean has in store for us next.