Jason David Frank Talks Power Rangers and New Endeavors at FXD17


The new Power Rangers movie made a strong debut by earning over $65M on opening weekend. In an attempt to relive childhood memories, people of all ages rushed to the box office to get a taste of the nostalgia. Even though the film had a brand new cast for the leading roles, there were two original members that returned for a quick cameo. One of those actors was none other than the original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank.

Jason David Frank has been heavily involved with Saban’s Power Rangers franchise playing the character Tommy Oliver since the early 1990s. It is almost impossible to picture the show without the image of Tommy coming to mind. While this role may have launched his career, Jason has also made quite a name for himself outside of the acting world due to his heavy involvement in martial arts. He has enjoyed a successful MMA career and currently owns his own karate school.

I was able to speak with Jason David Frank while he made an appearance at Fan Expo Dallas this year. It was his first convention appearance since the Power Rangers reboot came out. Hundreds of people flocked to his booth each day to meet with the guy that helped start it all. While the autograph lines were incredible, the most impressive thing to see was Jason’s devotion to his fans. Unlike many of the other celebrities in attendance, he stayed until every last one of his fans in line had a chance to meet him (over an hour past the conventions designated closing time). If this was not enough, he also called up all of the Fan Expo volunteers to express his gratitude before leaving. Jason managed to do all of that prior to partaking in my interview.


Is there a favorite place you try to visit or go when in the Dallas area?

I always try to visit iFLY when I am up here. I am an instructed and do a lot of events there and love it. I also love just walking around the city and checking it out.

You have been loyal to the Power Rangers franchise and become synonymous with it. Do you feel like this has kept you from getting other roles that you may want?

You know what? I don’t think so. I think it is actually a blessing for me. I think in the beginning a lot of people worry about that but right now I have Bloodshot coming out with Ninjak vs the Valliant Universe, a couple of voice stuff I’m doing, and things like that. It is actually exciting.

It is rumored that you spoke with Stan Lee regarding your willingness to star in a Green Ranger stand-alone movie. Has anything come of this?

No, not since the new Power Ranger movie has come out. Other than that I think that Stan Lee is a great guy.

If you had directed the movie, what would you have done differently?

I would not have done a thing different. I think Dean is great and did an amazing job.

If you could chose to play another character on a show or movie, who would it be?

 I’m playing Bloodshot so I’m really excited about that.

Can you expand on who Bloodshot is?

He is part of Ninjak vs the Valliant Universe. Valliant has been around since the 1990s and at one point sold more than Marvel and DC Comics. Bloodshot is basically a fighting machine. He has the powers like Wolverine and can never die; he just has to eat his protein. Valliant Universe has a lot of characters. Ninjak is one of them along with X-O Manowar, Lovewire, Archer and a ton of others. Right now I know the world hasn’t heard of Valliant but they have closed a ton of movie and tv deals. Trust me in three years everyone will have heard of it.

You are undefeated in your MMA bouts, are you still pursuing this career? If so, who would you like to face in the ring?

I’m training all the time so if something arises that means my weapon is sharp. But I am always training because you never know what will happen. The latest opponent was the CM Punk thing so if he ever fights again we will see what happens.

I had an interview with Sean Patrick Flanery a little earlier today. Could you take him in the ring?

Not in jujitsu. Sean is an amazing jujitsu guy. He would probably tap me out. He is highly trained and highly skilled. But again, ground is not my game.

You currently have your own dojo and have created your own karate style “Toso Kune Do”. What sets it apart from other martial art forms?

Two things. Toso Kune Do is the way of the fighting fist. It does teach self-defense. But also at my school we have gotten away from all of the politics for all of the testing fees and paying this guy and that. At my school there is no testing fees and even the black belt test is an eight-hour test. I feel very strongly about earning belts rather than paying for them.


If you happen to be in the Houston area and would like to learn more about Jason’s fighting style or even train under him then you definitely should take a look into his karate academy, Rising Sun Karate. You can follow his endeavors on twitter (@JDFFFN) and Instagram. Also, be on the lookout for Jason David Frank in the live action movie Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe debuting online later this year.