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Resolana’s Westside Music Festival Returns to Dallas

When: Saturday September 24, Noon – 6pm
Where: 511 W. Commerce St, Dallas, 75208
To benefit Resolana’s mission to empower women to break the cycle of incarceration.
Come for MusicFunFoodArts & Crafts and our Silent Auction!

To look at the gray warehouse sitting at 511 W. Commerce Street, you wouldn’t think much of it. It looks run-of-the-mill and a little dreary. But come Saturday, September 24 from noon-6 pm, this space, generously donated by West Dallas Investments, will burst alive with eclectic musical talents, bustling dancers, graceful yoga participants, and children’s laughter.

The 2nd annual Westside Music Festival returns as a “Celebration of Community.” The Westside Music Festival is excited to be hosting a variety of musicians and artists to join in celebrating what makes Dallas so uniquely poised to thrive by the motto “live large, think big!” Musicians currently slated to perform in the showcase include:

  • The Mark McKenzie Quartet- a Dallas-based jazz group described as authentic, yet accessible. Featuring Mark McKenzie (saxophones), George Gagliardi (piano, guitar), Raylan Loggins (bass), and John Hock (drums), this legendary local jazz favorite is rooted firmly in the mainstream of the jazz tradition while also appealing to a wide audience.
  • The Opera Choir of Booker T. Washington Center for the Performing and Visual Arts. Performing pieces from their spring rendition of The Magic Flute under the skilled guidance of Nicole McWilliams, students from this Dallas magnet school for performing arts will leave the audience in awe of their raw and refined talent.
  • Brent Byrd— Acoustic soloist, “The Peaceful Rebel Man”—on tour from St. Augustine, Florida. Brent’s musical style could easily be described as if Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix were jammin’ at a late night party and just before sunrise The Black Crowes and  Bob Dylan showed up to add the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening of  musical madness.
  • Pop classics-cover band, the Velvet Living Room. In the group's wide-ranging repertoire, time-honored standards from the Great American Songbook mix with well-chosen and often unexpected covers from the worlds of contemporary pop and rock.

We’re in conversation with a few more musical acts to round out this diverse mix of sensational performers, including a Latino/a cultural group, a local rock band, and more.

Family Fun:
Our festival is a family-friendly event with many games and activities for kids- the Dallas Museum of Art is bringing their "Go van Gogh" arts outreach program for children to learn about and create their own art.
We’ll also have:

  • face-painting
  • bubble-making
  • hula-hooping contests
  • A bouncy-house!


We'll also be hosting yoga and artistic projects as fun and educational activities for adults and kids alike, giving a glimpse into the kinds of activities we bring to the women in the Dallas County Jail. And- to sustain festival goers, a Dallas truck-catering vendor will be on hand to provide food and drink, with proceeds benefiting Resolana.

Silent Auction:
As one of Resolana’s largest annual fundraising events, the Westside Music Festival will also hold a silent auction that fits the tastes and pocketbooks of all in attendance. Goods and services donated by businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs from the local Dallas community will be on display, highlighting the best that our community has to offer.

One exciting aspect of this year’s festival is the addition of the Good Girl/Bad Girl project. We’ve asked area artists and groups to create sets of “good girl” and “bad girl” dolls to epitomize what we think when we talk about “good girls” and “bad girls.” Mirroring an insightful class that Resolana takes to the jail, this activity brings to life vivid conversations about social stereotypes regarding gender and sexuality. We’ll have a number of dolls from local community organizations and high-profile Dallas figures in this year’s auction—you never know who might have certain notions about “good” and “bad” girls!

We are very fortunate to be attracting a number of Dallas sponsors, including the Eugene McDermott Foundation, Texas Capital BankElettore, and SYLVAN | THIRTY.

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About Resolana:

We are a community-based nonprofit organization that works with women who, more often than not, have suffered from addiction and abuse. Resolana strives to create a unique learning community behind jail walls where women can spend their time in custody productively, building a foundation for change and preparing for their return to society.

Resolana creates activities and programs that focus on promoting recovery from addiction, teaching parenting and life skills, and connecting women to community support systems. We want to provide  women with the knowledge and emotional resources to break the cycle of incarceration, to live free and healthy lives as productive members of their communities when they are released.