I Live In Dallas Radio #10 – Lockhart Smokehouse: A Smokin’ Chat with Pitmasters Will & Tim

In this tenth episode of I Live In Dallas Radio, I sit down with Will Fleischman and Tim McLaughlin, the Pitmasters for Lockhart Smokehouse. Specializing in central Texas style barbecue, Lockhart Smokehouse has been racking up enthusiastic reviews and accolades over the past two years since their opening.

Lockhart Smokehouse PitmasterOwned by Jeff Bergus and Jill Grobowsky Bergus, The name "Lockhart Smokehouse" was chosen as more them mere homage to the Texas Barbecue capital. Jill is the granddaughter of Edgar "Papa" Schmidt, who ran Kreuz Market in Lockhart Texas, from the time he purchased it from the Kreuz family in 1948, until he passed it onto his sons in the 1980's. Having a dream of bringing a good Central Texas style BBQ place to the DFW area, Jill and Jeff joined forces with Pitmasters Tim McLaughlin, and Will Fleischman.

 An Interview with Tim and Will

Tim has over 15 years experience as a fine dining chef, and trained with the legendary Pitmaster Roy Perez at Kreuz's Market. Will, hailing from rural Wisconsin, has worked as a chef in China, and was named by Southern Living in 2012 as one of the Ten Best Pitmasters in the South, a list that also includes Aaron Franklin, founder of the acclaimed Franklin Barbecue in Austin.

Will Fleischman Cow tattoo

This Internet Radio show was recorded live in the main dining room at Lockhart Smokehouse, situated in the heart of the Bishop Arts district at the corner of Davis and Bishop streets.  The three of us gathered around a table to talk about wood, fire, smoke, meat, and an abiding love of all things barbecue. We also discuss the culinary backgrounds of  Will and Tim, what "No Forks, No Sauce Needed" means, and the central Texas style of BBQ.

Listen as:

  • Tim talks about the most challenging BBQ meat to cook
  • Will talks about some of the most unique items ever offered on the menu
  • I talk about the BBQ item I find to be "meat candy"
  • Will and Tim talk about their favorite BBQ places
  • The story behind Will's very unique cow tattoo
  • Their reaction to a 1 star restaurant review by a local reporter


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