Snoop Dogg is Coming To Dallas!

Photo Provided By Avenu

Photo Provided By Avenu

Spring has sprung, days are longer, weather is warmer, patios are being sipped on, and your mind is on your money and your money is on your mind!

Wait, What? Did you just read a Snoop Dogg lyric? You sure did! Snoop D-O double G is coming to Dallas April 1st. No this is not an April fools joke. The original gangster, Snoop Doggy Dogg will be giving a Live performance at the Avenu Lounge this Friday at 10pm.

Snoop Dogg At Avenu Lounge

With it’s exclusive entrance access, incredible light show production and occasional confetti showers, Avenu brings Vegas to Dallas every weekend. Upon entrance, you are immediately among some of the best dressed and styled people of Dallas. Avenu takes its dress code seriously, so make sure you too fit in.

Although there is no cover charge, the club can get crowded fast. If you are wanting to avoid the bumps and shoves it takes to make your way to the bar, tables can be reserved and bottle service ordered.  To RSVP visit:

Do not fool yourself this Friday. Roll on down Mckinney, start sipping on your gin and juice, and let’s drop it like it’s hot with the one and only DJ Snoopadello.