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Mother’s Day Gifts with Purpose by Dallas Designer and Humanitarian Abi Ferrin

There are two facts about me that are always true: 1. I hate shopping and 2. I'm a human rights loving, tree hugging, granola-at-heart kind of person. I have two brothers and no sisters (none that were actually born to my mom and dad anyway), so my mother has been stuck with a daughter who would rather get a root canal than go shopping and one who would never wear makeup (ever) if she could get away with it. I don't know exactly how many grey hairs I've given her, but I know it's been a lot.

I do try to make my mom feel special each and every day, and extra special during the holidays, especially Mother's Day. This year I've found the perfect solution to Mother's Day because I don't have to go shopping, it fulfills my humanitarian needs and tendencies, AND my mom will be getting an extra special gift -- a gift with purpose, if you will.

Sak Saum for Abi Ferrin is the first collaborative line to come from the Freedom Project and efforts in Cambodia. People rescued from human trafficking and abusive employment hand craft each item in the collection in a both healthy and restorative work place. The mother's day gift packages included in this line are not only gorgeous, but also continue the support and growth of these amazing individuals. The mother's day packages, which include collections for moms with babies, moms with toddlers, and moms in general, are a gorgeous and thoughtful way to show mom you care!

Spoiler alert [Mom, don't read this part]:

My mom is getting a coral colored silk clutch, printed apron that comes in the most gorgeous packaging, a turquoise Sak Saum for Abi Ferrin 5-way tshirt, and the Legacy journal (that includes the amazing story of the brave young woman who created the journal after having been rescued from sex slavery).

Flowers are nice, a spa visit is sweet, but these Sak Saum for Abi Ferrin pieces are more than just "nice and sweet..." They make Mom feel extra special while also giving to someone else, someone who may not have had a chance at life, the gift of freedom.

Click here to check out these packages and the rest of the Freedom Project Collection and make sure you watch the video! You might see someone you recognize!

**Disclosure** Rania is currently the Marketing and Executive Director of The Freedom Project and is helping to spread this message of "freedom and purpose."