Prepare to Get LOW With Lil Jon at AVENU

I didn’t realize just how real anticipation anxiety could be until this week finally came upon us. With Lil Jon just days away from walking through AVENU’s doorway, bringing with him his unwavering enthusiasm, showmanship, and downright animalistic stage presence to the DJ booth, I’m finding it a tad difficult to contain my excitement. We’ve had countless artists come through the club but there is a different kind of atmosphere that manifests when someone like this comes to AVENU Lounge.


An Atlanta native, Lil Jon has had an incredible career and has had no intentions of slowing down at age 45. It’s not his first time to show Dallas a good time by any means, but he hasn’t ever seen just how rowdy it can get at AVENU.

AVENU Bottles

His style of music is incredibly unique with his signature “crunk” sound creating the incomparable persona he has been renowned for ever since.  As Lil Jon has said, "Crunk music is a great release of tension. It lets you lose your mind." I anticipate significant amounts of tension to be released this Friday night; the only question left is where will you be? I’ll be with Lil Jon and everyone else at AVENU, losing my mind.

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