Local Artist Watch, Chet Morrison

I'm not sure if I like this artist because his work was so strange, or because some guy took me to his gallery opening on our first date (by far my favorite date because he wasn't so lame as to do the ordinary.)

Chet Morrison is a fantasy photographer and combines photos from the past with his original photos. His photographs are offbeat and I remember just sort of looking deeper into each photograph for a meaning or even a story. Whatever it was, I was reaching for more.

His photography is dark and has an unapologetic sense of humor. The hats play a role in almost every photograph, acting as a constant accessory. Not sure what that even means, maybe you can tell me.

I will most likely never ever own a Morrison because it's not the style of art I could look at everyday, but I would not mind seeing his work again.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted if I hear anything about gallery openings or showings.

I grabbed one of Morrison's postcards as we were leaving. It's sad, the clothes are dated, the mother has died, and I almost want to hear the tune of the father's violin. But why is the mother driving the car?

2917 Gallery
2917 Canton Street (located in Deep Ellum)
Dallas, TX 75226
ph: 214/755-0903

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