Lakewood’s Secret Garden Cafe

Garden Cafe sounds too good to be true for a place like Dallas, TX. But once you get there you're not surprised that a place like this is hidden in the Lakewood area.

Enter through the back gate and make your way through the lovely garden. Basil, rosemary, some other herbs I don't know the name of, and peppers fill the entire back area. A small 5-table seating area is parted down the middle.  (The back area reminded me of the pink flamingo nursery in Austin - without the cafe, of course.)

Inside was very casual, cheery, and quick to order. The walls showcased local artists' selling their framed or print photography (some really beautiful work - all very countryside.)

Breakfast is served all day, and their feta omelet was the second best I've had (Meli cafe still holds the bid for number 1.) The food is friendly for everyone, vegans & meat-lovers.

I look forward to taking anyone who has an appreciation for gardens or home cooked food made with fresh ingredients, which will probably be my mother the next time she is in Dallas.

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Garden Cafe
5310 Junius St.
Dallas, Texas 75214
tel: 214/887-8330

map to garden cafe

Open Tuesday through Sunday.
8am – 2pm for breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast served all day.

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