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I Live in Dallas Radio #6 – A Chat with The Ginger Man’s Veteran Bartender Payce Jacobsen

In this sixth episode of I Live In Dallas Radio, co-hosted by myself and Jason Channell, we interview Payce Jacobsen, who is a veteran bartender (10+ years) at the beloved Ginger Man bar off of Boll Street in Uptown Dallas.  The Ginger Man was recently named as "Best Beer Selection"  Readers' Pick by D Magazine, and one of Dallas' five "Best Places to Work and Study" by the Dallas Observer. This could be due, in-part, to their strong wi-fi, homey-like atmosphere, and wide open spaces in-which to spread out. They have consistently received several other awards over the years. Almost everyone who has patronized The Ginger Man at least once loves their atmosphere and names it as one of their top favorite Dallas bars.

Verteran bartender Payce Jacobsen. Photo by Robert Stahl.

This Internet radio show was recorded on the second floor of The Ginger Man, adjacent to the two comfy leather couches donning that level of the bar. The Ginger Man is located just off the main strip of McKinney Avenue on Boll Street, close to other Dallas Uptown favorites such as Idle Rich, Black Friar, Jake's Hamburgers, and other prime people-watching places.

In this radio show, we ask Payce to recount the somewhat unusual history of The Ginger Man, which involves the paranormal. We also ask him to tell us his personal background working as a career bartender, as well as the most outlandish stories and experiences he has encountered working on the front lines at The Ginger Man over the years. In the second half of the show we have a mini beer tasting with play-by-play tasting notes and commentary.

Listen as:

  • Payce reveals his three favorite draft beer picks you should try this month.
  • You laugh your a** off at three stories (one involves a Bush daughter, personal body guards, and another story about a smooth-talking amputee, a hot dog bun, and the hilarity that ensues).
  • You find out what Dallas sports heroes you might run into that grace The Ginger Man on a regular basis.
  • You get tasting notes on the "Bartender's Choice" Oktoberfest brew.