I Live in Dallas Radio – Episode #1 – Chewin’ the Fat at Lockhart Smokehouse

This is our inaugural episode of I Live In Dallas Radio.  This podcast features I Live In Dallas contributor Jason Channell and I flappin' our gums while hanging out at Lockhart Smokehouse in the heart of Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District.   In this intro Internet radio show we talk about several topics including:

  • Some of our favorite BBQ joints gathered from over seven years of living in Dallas
  • Psychologically inserted junior high memories from watching the Cosby Show
  • Unique tattoos and an unfortunate mankini reminiscent of a particular scene from the movie The Crying Game
  • Upcoming can't-miss events in Dallas

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Lockhart Smokehouse and their legendary Shiner Platter was referenced in a recent article entitled 25 Mantastic Things to Do in Dallas. The article was also subsequently picked-up by Fort Worth Star-Telegram digital property,  DFW.com. Click the play button below to listen to 21 minutes of purely unscripted entertainment covering the aforementioned topics. Enjoy!

P.S. This was recorded a few weeks ago, so some of the topics are a little dated. New and timely podcasts are on their way for your listening pleasure.