An Impromptu Interview with the New Chefs at Stuft, the New Kitchen at the Regal Beagle

A signature burger with a side of fries from Stuft.

In this second recorded mini-interview for I Live In Dallas Radio, co-hosted by myself and Jason Channell, we speak with Nicolas Vakidis and Ben Johnson. Nick and Ben are the new chefs at Stuft, the new kitchen at the legendary Regal Beagle. This interview was unplanned. We just happened to be at the Regal Beagle to try the mouth-watering Cowboy burger we saw featured in the recent article on D Magazine about the chefs and their new menu.

In order to maintain our independence and individuality, we typically won't cover the same restaurants/menus or happenings as the more established Dallas media outlets. However, after devouring the epic Cowboy burger, and since we were at the right place at the right time, we had to find out more. These guys really have created some epic burgers and I foresee Stuft being listed on all the Best Dallas Burger lists within this next year. And the best part for those who live in 75206? They deliver!

This Internet radio show was recorded "man on the street" style somewhat raw with a handheld recorder in the parking lot of the Regal Beagle. The Regal Beagle is located on the upper strip of Greenville Avenue near other Dallas Old Town favorites such as Cowboy Chicken, Piggie Pies Pizza and Pasta, Shuck N' Jive, and other prime spots.

In this radio show, we ask Nick and Ben to tell about their background and other questions.

Listen as we:

  • Learn why eating their burgers help the local economy
  • Find out why Ben and Nick decided to start Stuft
  • Discover all the things you can stuff a burger with to make them taste amazing

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  1. [...] can listen to their podcast: An Impromptu Interview with the New Chefs at Stuft, the New Kitchen at the Regal Beagle and their praise for … what else …the Cowboy (above), where you’ll hear Brad [...]

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  3. We normally won't mantle the tantamount diners/meals or occurrences as the plus conventional Dallas media openings. Nevertheless, beyond eat the tale Cattleman burger, furthermore as we were at the faculty arrange at the just cycle, we had to judge external another.

  4. Many thanks for posing us the review of the two famous chefs Nicolas Vakidis and Ben Johnson who are experts in making pizza and several hot and spicy dishes. It seems that their taste in food and life is entirely different.

  5. These guys really have created some epic burgers.

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