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How to Sell Your Diamonds in Dallas


Considering selling your unwanted diamond jewelry in Dallas, Texas for cash? Not sure where to start? Dallas is a hotspot for diamonds with online diamond buying
company WP Diamonds reporting a total valuation of over $1,000,000 of diamond items in 2013 alone. They recently looked into the local market to see what are the popular types of diamonds Dallasites sell.

And also have a look at lab-grown diamonds as they are just amazing now, there is a lab grown diamond seller in London who offers some stunning diamonds, so they are well worth a look.


The most popular shape was the round cut stone. WP Diamonds’ local diamond buyer. Roger Bauer, commented ,

“The Dallas market is particularly strong with a high demand for not only round stones, but cushion and oval diamonds. In terms of color and clarity, H color and SI1 clarity stones were the most highly sold. These are not the only items Dallasites are looking to sell. Both Tiffany jewelry and Omega watches were also very popular as a resell item in DFW."


It is a great time to sell diamonds in Dallas and with so many people looking to sell their diamond jewelry- what is the best option? Texas has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selling your stones. Looking locally may seem like the best and most convenient option, WP Diamonds provides you with a list of local businesses. However can a local jewelers or pawn-broker really offer you the best value?

The difficulty with selling to local jewelers or pawnbrokers lies in their limited purchasing power. They may have a variety of criteria when it comes to buying diamonds, i.e. only accept stones above a certain size, a limited number of cuts etc. It is also worth noting that not all jewelry stores or pawnshops will have the required expertise to properly evaluate your diamond, and, as a small business will not offer the most competitive of prices.


It is important to hold on to any documentation you have on your diamond jewelry and stones, especially certificates, as this will help you secure the best possible price when it comes to resale. Roger Bauer commented,

“Certified diamonds with a certificate of authenticity always be easier to sell as this provides diamond buyers with all the key information they need
to get an accurate estimate. However, even without a certificate our GIA trained gemologists will be able to get you the best price as they have been trained by the best in the business.”

The highest offer for your goods will most likely come from whoever has the largest purchasing power. Larger diamond buyers in Dallas such as WP Diamonds have
a global purchasing power coupled with extensive experience allowing them to offer you more for your diamonds. With offices not only in Dallas, but New York,

Los Angeles and further afield in the UK, Spain and Canada, you have the benefit of shopping locally and yet can rest assured that you are dealing with an international company with years of experience. It is important to do your research on whoever you choose to do business with and look for an established and reputable company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Schedule an appointment in Dallas or simply fill out an online form for an initial valuation and send your items in (free of charge and fully insured) for a final offer.