Dallas Museum of Art Presents Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson

Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson at Dallas Museum of Art

The exhibit will begin November 8th and run through March 15th of next year. Eliasson is an internationally known artist with works having been displayed in Copenhagen, New York, and the Tate Modern in London. The DMA will be the third venue stop for the traveling exhibit. Previous venues have included the MOMA in New York City and SFMOMA in San Francisco where the exhibit first began back in 2007.

The DMA has a well written and researched summary online with reviews about the artist and exhibition. The NYT.com Arts section also has a page showcasing his art installations and a quick browse through some of Elisasson's past exhibits. I have not seen Eliasson's work in person, but I already cannot stop looking at his work online. His installations are large & extravagant - they are simple and calculated in design - it would seem therapeutic to surround yourself around them.

On Eliasson's website you can download the .pdf of photographs taken in his studio while he was working on the Take Your Time show. They are all done in black and white and added to some are symmetrical lines & images to coincide with the object(s) captured. The picture below is my current desktop image. I have an infatuation with circular mirrored objects, or maybe just mirrored objects in general. I love reflections and the way the images in them take a contorted but still recognizable shape.

From Dallas Museum of Art.org

Take your time: Olafur Eliasson is designed to encourage viewers to understand the range of this artist’s methodology, with each gallery demonstrating one of five fundamental aspects of his practice: a distinctive use of mirrors to displace the viewer’s perception of both object and self; an exploration of light and optical phenomena via immersive environments that rely upon the viewer for full effect; a deep attention to and manipulation of landscape referents; a disposition toward scientific methods and materials, including the willful exposure of the creative process; and, finally, photographic suites of the Icelandic landscape.
Included in Take your time are approximately twenty of what are considered his most outstanding and mind-blowing works including Beauty (1993), a curtain of mist that shows something different to each viewer; Jokla Series (2004), a set of forty-eight chromogenic color prints; and 360º room for all colours (2002), which makes spectators acutely aware of vision’s active role in Eliasson’s artwork; and Moss wall (1994), a solid wall of living Icelandic moss; Tunnel (2007).

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