Concerts @ Quadrangle Features Local Artists and Benefits Haitian Relief Efforts

Tonight kicks off the 2010 Young & Cultured Concerts @ series at AMLI Quadrangle. Come in, grab a drink and take in the creative works of 2 local artists - musician Eric Tipton and artist SAMO4PREZ.

This is a free event (sweet!) but don't come empty handed (oh?). Concerts @ has partnered with two local nonprofit organizations, See the Need, Meet the Need and Hope for Haiti, and will be collecting supplies to airlift next week to Haitian relief efforts. YOU can help by bringing in supplies or a donation to the Concerts @ event tonight. There will be boxes and donation jars around the gallery and concert space. The supply list can be found at the bottom of this post.

In addition to collecting supplies, both artists will be donating a portion of sales proceeds, AND a portion of all bar tips will be donated to relief efforts.

This is a free, fun and charitable event to attend tonight. Go experience!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 8:13pm

AMLI Quadrangle

2717 Howell St.
Dallas, TX 75204

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Read more about Concerts @ efforts to help Haiti earthquake victims and become a fan of Young and Cultured on Facebook.

About Eric Tipton
From a small town in North Texas, Eric Tipton was brought up on a steady diet of old-school soul and singer/songwriters. By the age of 17, Tipton was using his talent to woo crowds in the hundreds. Less than five years later Tipton had a succesful career in the Christian Worship Music world. After leaving his career behind to venture down other musical avenues, Tipton found outlets in writing about love, life, and music.

SAMO4PREZ has been creating for 35 years on a plane of imaginary existence. Traveling the globe from the USA to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Romania, Paris, Mexico, Thailand, Japan and his former home for a moment, China SAMO4PREZ is an artist, writer, designer, activist, philanthropist and neo-reformed movement-ist (he's also a wordsmith). SAMO4PREZ has shown his work in galleries from California (his place of birth) to his new home Texas and many places in between.

List of Items to Donate:
Hand sanitizer (large bottles)
Iodine salt
Gloves - All Sizes
Triple/Double A batteries
Work gloves
Any children's Medications
Hydrogen Peroxide
Band-Aids (all sizes)
1 Gallon Ziploc bags (lots)
Adult Vitamins
Children's Vitamins

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