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Company Cafe All Day – Learn About What They’re Doing Different this Month


The Deep Bowl

If you’ve lived in Dallas for any significant amount of time, you’ve seen the face of Lower Greenville grow and change over the years. From Steel City Pops to the ever-popular Truck Yard, there’s something for just about everyone. For me, Lower Greenville is a frequent stop not only because it’s fun vibe, but also because of all the local establishments up and down the street. One of my very favorite stops in the area is Company Café. I’ve written about this restaurant before, and in the interest of full disclosure, it really is one of my favorite places in Dallas. Many people are familiar with their commitment to supporting local producers, their wide array of gluten-free menu options, and friendly weight staff. But not many are familiar with the history of the team that has kept Company Café growing and thriving.

Jeff Wells, Marcus Thompson, and Siobhan Omlor started working together over eight years ago at Kozy Kitchen in Uptown Dallas. Jeff was an aspiring actor, Marcus had engineering aspirations, and Siobhan loved the world of fashion. All three fully intended to work in the service industry as a means of paying bills while pursuing other career paths. But the industry had other ideas, and it wasn’t long until the three went from co-workers to more like family. They worked together, vacationed together, and shared their vision for amazing cuisine and quality service, together.

In 2011, the team was able to realize their dream for healthy, delicious food when the first Company Café location opened. Even today, the menu doesn’t look like any other establishments’, and the variety of healthy, gluten-free, and delicious options have kept people coming back for years. I have had just about everything on the menu, but my personal favorite (that I highly recommend) is the Deep Bowl. This incredible concoction combines beef, sweet potato hash, avocado, and two eggs fixed how you like them all together in one amazing bowl. My own variation includes a couple of additions and little twists—buffalo meet, mushrooms, jalapenos, and a side of salsa. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you give it a go—for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this is the perfect dish.

This month, Company Café is doing us all a favor and offering their full menu all day long—you heard it right! That’s breakfast for dinner, or lunch for breakfast, or…you get the picture! That means I don’t have to be a pain and beg for the Deep Bowl when I have a sudden evening craving or limit myself to the amazing gluten-free chicken fried steak only at dinner.

I asked Siobhan, Marcus, and Jeff if there’s anything new up their sleeves, and no surprise for these three foodie/entrepreneurs have a very exciting venture coming soon. “Without giving too much away, we are thrilled for the opportunity to explore new technologies and approaches in providing a unique and exciting way to dine here in Dallas,” Siobhan said. What I know so far: this new establishment still includes the same commitment to quality and freshness as Company Café but is a completely new concept. Stay tuned—all the details will be coming to you in the next couple of weeks, exclusively from I Live In Dallas.