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Company Cafe All Day – Learn About What They’re Doing Different this Month

Company Cafe All Day - Learn About What They're Doing Different this Month

If you’ve lived in Dallas for any significant amount of time, you’ve seen the face of Lower Greenville grow and change over the years. From Steel City Pops to the ever-popular Truck Yard, there’s something for just about everyone. For me, Lower Greenville is a frequent stop not only because it’s fun vibe, but also because of all the local establishments up and down the street. One of my very favorite stops in the area is Company Café. I’ve written about this restaurant before, and in the interest of full disclosure, it really is one of my favorite places in Dallas. Many people are familiar with their commitment to supporting local producers, their wide array of gluten-free menu options, and friendly weight staff. But not many are familiar with the history of the team that has kept Company Café growing and thriving.