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10 Under 30 Art Exhibition at the Fort Work Art Galley at Alto 211


IMG_7910-1It is said that art enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time. The beauty of arts appeal is endless and something that every person should strive to incorporate into their life. If for no other reason than it makes you feel good. That is why we are elated to introduce you to Dallas' newest gallery -- Fort Work Art Gallery at Alto 211. Here are the details:

The Fort Work Art Gallery In Collaboration With Alto 211 is Proud To Present The Inaugural Art Exhibition, “10 Under 30” on January 22nd from 6-8pm

 Dallas, Jan. 14, 2015 -- Fort Work in collaboration with Alto 211 will provide an evening of art for the effervescent Downtown community. This inaugural event will serve as the first showcase of the initiative for Alto 211 to support, foster, and create artist conversation and appreciation in Dallas as well as exhibitions that feature international artists. Co-curated by Nile Tuzun and Oren Salomon, we invite you to join us as we host a night to remember.


Elizabeth Dryden

A Texas native, this up and coming artist is making waves – grabbing the attention of the Dallas art scene and beyond. The many layers intertwined together in her mixed media artwork make each piece a mystery to unfold. While colorful and adventurous at first glace, there are volumes of information held below the surface.

Steve Hamilton

Originally from New Jersey but raised in Dallas, TX, Steven Hamilton is a visual artist working primarily with stencil and spray paint.  His work explores the impact of others and of mindsets with a graffiti influence thrown in. His stencils are hand cut, commonly between five and ten layers, and taking upwards of 100 hours to complete. Hamilton has been showing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 2008.

Jeff Skele

"I can't stand the thought, with all the love I put into these pieces, that one day it will mean nothing. Generations will pass, and I want my name to be scattered in with all the prolific artists of their time."

Jessica McClendon

Manager of Weekend Coffee by day, artist by passion – this woman wonder is the resident artist at Alto 211. With a MFA from Texas Woman’s University, she is a professional with real talent. Her work can also be found at the Tech Wildcatters Space, bringing the walls to life.

Jordan Smith

A University of North Texas graduate, Jordan’s work expresses his ambivalent attitude towards the all-consuming technology we use but can’t escape. Mixing water and spray paint the artist creates seemingly organic texture to paint an image of the iconic “hashtag”.

Lindsey Miller

An understanding and outlook on nature, guides Lindsey to find these enchanting, yet slightly ominous scenes. With digital photography she enhances the encounter by collaging overlays or marinating colors to give the impression of not quite dream, but not quite nightmare. 

Lauren Herbst

As a child, this North Texas native spent time between a farm and the suburbs of Dallas. These early experiences contribute to her ongoing series about the disconnected relationship between people and nature. Herbst uses both digital, film, painting and drawing to create images that emphasize contrast of subject matter and suggest a small moment from a greater and bigger story.

Jose Dominguez

Bringing to life the simplest moments, stimulating responses, or hardships seen through everyday strife, but delivers the final work with such intimacy that one must look and become involved. The intimate nature employed in his work and the concepts of each piece are very real and relatable. Not only are the concepts tangible, but the presentation, composition and technique is immaculate.

Abby Bagby

This young artist grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where her father, who is a painter and illustrator, raised her to think creatively. She studied in Rome, Italy in the fall of 2011, immersing herself in the incredibly rich art history preserved there.  While at UD, she was one of two students nominated for the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award in 2014.

Angie Reich

Currently a freshman at SMU -- this Dallas native utilizes mixed media on canvas to bring her art to life. Her timelessly thoughtful art is garnering attention from seasoned art professionals as some of the most inspired work of 2015.


Need transportation? 2pointb Dallas is our official ride sponsor. Just download in the app store, and enter code "10under30" to receive $20 off to and from the exhibition.

Tunes will be provided by our talented friend DJ Girl Bot, cocktails by Deep Eddy Vodka, coconut water by Zico and snacks by KIND.


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About Alto 211

Mixing business with pleasure, "Tech Mecca" Alto 211 is a modern business center with leasable office space in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Combining its rich, historic charm and ultramodern design, Alto 211 offers a unique twist on the traditional office building amenities. Built in 1958, the 18-story office building was renovated in 2014 by Alto Partners with the technology and startup community in mind. Alto 211 is the home of prominent Dallas companies such as Tech Wildcatters, Health Wildcatters, Velocis, Launch DFW, Fort Work and Linking the World.