Cosplay, Celebrities, and More From Dallas Fan Days 2018

The monsoons finally parted this past weekend just in time for Dallas Fan Days 2018. The annual fall event was held at the Irving Convention Center and definitely did not disappoint. The convention brought actors ranging from Jaleel White to Karl Urban.

There was a constant flow of attendees, but I never found myself feeling overburdened by the crowds as in some years past. The vendors offered comic books, collectible toys, cosplay items, and articles from almost every fandom that you can think of. However, Dragon Ball Z was definitely the focal point of the showroom and much of Fan Days itself.

Dallas Fan Days also hosted the DBZ Legends Tour. Life sized characters like Goku, Frieza, and Vegeta were positioned around the convention center for fans to pose with. Multiple cases had figures recreating famous scenes from the DBZ series while fans played DBZ Legends on consoles nearby. There was even a place to play a themed card game, purchase related items, and take a digital photo with a battling Goku. My daughter had never seen the show, but fell in love with the characters and even left the convention center with a couple of small DBZ characters from the station after selecting them as a souvenir above anything else in the vending area.

Chris Sabat, the voice of Vegeta/Piccolo, constantly had a winding line for autographs throughout his three days in attendance. While he is obviously a fan favorite among anime lovers, there was also a new “Majin Vegeta” Funko Pop collectible that was released for the occasion. The item was in such high demands that people had to pre-purchase tickets ahead of time to get the figure.

The panels were also a sight to see. Ray Park, the actor who plays Darth Maul in the Star Wars movies, put on a lightsaber demonstration for fans to see. While the weapon may be fictional, his skills with them are rather impressive. Jennifer Morrison and Karl Urban had large turnouts for their sessions as well.

As always, the cosplay did not disappoint. Cosplay artists and attendees alike donned attire from a wide array of genres. There was everything from video game characters to comic book villains. We are definitely looking forward to see what Fan Expo Dallas has in the fall but until then we will leave you with some of our favorite moments from this year’s Dallas Fan Days!