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[INTERVIEW] Anthony Daniels Has Always Been The Droid We Were Looking For

"This now all lives forever. It will never be perfectly over." - Anthony Daniels

The Skywalker saga has spanned over four decades, but it will finally reach its conclusion this December. With the release of each new movie trailer, fans are combing over every frame to see if they can get an insight as to what is to come. Theories are flooding the internet with each detail that is fed to the public. Even with the internet detectives, Star Wars fans will have to wait a few more months before the final production is unveiled. Luckily, Dallas Fan Days is helping to ease the anticipation for those in DFW.

On October 18-20, Dallas Fan Days will return to the Irving Convention Center and they are bringing one of Star Wars’ most notable names with them. Anthony Daniels, better known as C-3PO to fans of the franchise, will be in attendance signing autographs and talking about his career. Not only does he play the iconic robot, but he is also the only actor to have appeared in every Star Wars film to date. Even with his busy schedule, we were lucky enough to be able to speak with this legend before he ventures to DFW for Dallas Fan Days 2019. Never tell us the odds!

This is slated to be a monumental year for Anthony Daniels. Prior to the release of Episode IX, he will be releasing a tell-all book titled I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story. Although he wasn’t able to give away many details due to an upcoming press release party in England, he did manage to give some insight of what to expect.

It is the story of refusing to meet George [Lucas] right through the ending of Episode IX. I can tell people that it is coming out November the 5th in America; it is a week earlier in England. It has the stories that I’ve told at conventions and obviously more. It doesn't just deal with the movies. It also deals with all the offshoots, whether it is about The Muppet Show or talking about Carrie [Fisher] or talking about forgeries of my signature. It's a very round picture of my life in Star Wars. It will answer quite a few questions and, I think, intrigue people because it has all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When we spoke to Daniels he was preparing to fly back to London from L.A. He had made a temporary stop in the states for the D23 Expo and to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. The theme park has propelled the Mouse Kingdom to top news headlines since it was first announced. There have been extreme wait times and stipulations put in place due to the overwhelming popularity of this new addition. It obviously passes the aesthetic test, but how does it look to someone who has helped build the Star Wars franchise from the very beginning?

I was amused, actually, going on Galaxy’s Edge and the Falcon, which I flew as one of the pilots. It is so much more exciting than in the studio because you sit in that cockpit and you can do anything you want, but nothing happens. There may be crew jiggling you up and down, but that's it. There are no asteroids. There's no laser fire or anything. Here or at Disney, boy, you get to experience that!

After forty-three years, it appears as if his stint as a Star Wars staple in the movies has finally run its course. Forty-three years of playing the same character and living in the same fictional universe. It seems unreal that any actor could reprise their role for that many years and to the extent that Daniels has done. It would not be unreasonable to think that Daniels might enjoy the reprieve from his role as C-3PO, but that is not necessarily the case.

I'm kind of the bit of string that went through all of these movies. Of course, this is the last Skywalker story, so it is kind of a little sad. After 43 years of being involved, in spite of myself, it has come to an end, as far as the movies go. Threepio has always had a huge life outside of the movies with recordings of spin off cartoons, now the book, and things like that. This now all lives forever. It will never be perfectly over… In this film, The Rise of Skywalker, he actually is there with the team and he does have more of function or a part. It's a wonderful thing to go out on... Well done to J.J. and of course Terrio, the writer, for giving Threepio this created moment. I'm genuinely happy and excited to see this.

Although we don’t know what Threepio’s role will entail, we do know that he will be donning some new modifications to his classic look. It did not take fans long to point out that C-3PO is shown with glowing red eyes in the latest Episode IX movie trailer, a color which is normally associated with the Dark Side of the force. Daniels posted the picture to his twitter but has been tight-lipped when it comes to discussing it.

You can imagine how I felt when I actually looked in the mirror they had in front of me to show me the effect. It was pretty startling. It was strange to look through his eyes and see something completely new… As people have put it, it has been 43 years of being bullied. Who knows what the red eye means? Has he finally had enough? I wish I could tell you.

Alas, it looks as if fans will be left to their imagination until the film is released. Until then, be sure to take a look at the full interview with Anthony Daniels where we discuss topics like what he thought of Threepio’s red arm, what he thinks about J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson, his imaginary dialogue with R2, and even a prank he recently pulled on Rian Johnson. You can find our full conversation by clicking here! If you are a fan you will not want to miss some insights from Daniels during his upcoming appearance at Dallas Fan Days or from his soon-to-be-released book.