Coworking Spaces vs Cafes: Where to Work in Dallas?

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Times have changed. You no longer need to rent an office if you want to work, especially if you are a freelancer or a digital nomad. There are many promising alternative work spaces, and two of the most common are coworking spaces and cafes. Between the two, which one is the better

Ease of Access

There are more coffee shops than coworking spaces in Dallas. In almost every corner, you can find a café where you can easily work. With this, cafes win in terms of accessibility. Nonetheless, coworking spaces are quickly catching up because of the increase in demand. For instance, places like now have four key locations. In the future, it’s no longer surprising if they open up more branches to serve their patrons.


In terms of cost, it would be safe to say that cafes are affordable. All that you have to do is to purchase one cup of coffee and you can stay there the entire day without being kicked out. In contrast, coworking spaces are quite more expensive. Nonetheless, if you look at the costs, they can be easily justified. An office space for rent like The Common Desk, for instance, offers flexible rates that are inclusive of the use of top-notch facilities, such as high-speed internet connection and meeting rooms. Visit to know more about achieving fast internet connection for your home.

Focus and Productivity

If you want a place where you can concentrate and become more productive, stay away from cafes. Many cafes are often full and they can be blasting loud music. In contrast, in a coworking space, most people are quiet and working on their own. There are shared spaces, but there are also private offices where you can work without being distracted by others. According to Harvard Business Review, people in coworking spaces are not only able to focus more, but they also see their work as more meaningful. This is a precursor of productivity. You also don't have to worry about electricity and HVAC costs since they've got you covered. Companies like always maintain HVAC in residential and commercial spaces.


Another advantage of coworking spaces is that you will be able to build community and connections. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals. You can connect with people from whom you can learn a thing or two. While you can also interact with others while working in a coffee shop, the networking opportunities are not as promising.

Client Impression

Do you want to impress your client to seal a business deal? If yes, then you have another good reason to be in a coworking space. While you do not have an office that is your own, coworking spaces have well-designed meeting rooms with the facilities that you will need to conduct a meeting. This is not possible in noisy and over-crowded coffee shops.

In sum, there is a clear winner – coworking spaces. If you are looking for the perfect alternative work space in Dallas, I suggest that you look for a coworking space. They are not only quieter, but they also have a community of like-minded individuals that can help fuel your growth. They can be more expensive than coffee shops, but you are sure to reap the value of your money.