3 breakfast places in Dallas you don’t have to dress up for.

Buzzbrews - 4 reasons this place rocks:

  1. Open 24-hours/day
  2. Serves breakfast 24-hours/day (and actually tastes good)
  3. All you can drink coffee (tastes damn good, too)
  4. Free wi-fi

Need I say more?

Buzzbrews is a "pop art Mecca" for people in need of caffeine and a low-key atmosphere. Menu items that stick out: Hare Krishna Stuffed Crepe, Breakfast Stuffed Nopales, and my favorite, Banana Nut Pancakes. Don't go in a large group; the diner is small, cozy, and why piss off the other people by backing up the kitchen line.

Kidding. Sort of.

4154 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75204

AllGood Cafe - 4 reasons to go if you don't live in Deep Ellum:

  1. Purchase ingredients from local vendors like the Farmer's Market & Dallas Mozzarella Company
  2. Slogan: "It's like going to Austin without havin' to pass through Waco."
  3. South Austin Migas
  4. Retro concert posters cover the walls; live music; and when there is not live music they have it covered. Just check out their CD collection on your way to the washroom! CD's.

AllGood Cafe closes in the afternoon on Sunday's. Get there early (before 2pm) and drink coffee through a 1998 KERA mug.

One of these days I want to get a picture of their entire coffee mug collection. They're all random mugs from the 1990's. Very neat.

AllGood Cafe
2934 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75226

Tues-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun-Mon 9am-2pm

Alright, so I told you there were 3 - and there were!

But after discovering on their website that Lucky's is now corporate owned, I changed my mind. Not because I don't like corporations, but because I support & promote local and small business' first.

Do you know of a good breakfast place? Please do share by leaving a comment! Or use the contact form to submit your favorite place; it might just be the #3 spot we're looking for!