13 Pizza Perfect Scenes From Zoli’s in Addison

I recently attended a media dinner for Zoli's. Yes, that Zoli's - the one that had to leave Oak Cliff because of gentrification. Their new spot in Addison is something to behold. You can catch my original commentary in this article: 7 pretty okay reasons you should go to Zoli’s Pizza at some point in the future (no pressure).

Jay Jerrier, Zoli's owner, liked the article enough to share on his own personal Facebook page. But of course, you never really know with that guy ... he shares negative Yelp! reviews, only to mock the writer's misguided discernment of pizza styles or desire for Ranch dressing.

Since ILiveInDallas.com sent me in their proxy to the media preview/tasting, I wanted to share the photographic love. Feast your eyes!

Zoli's - 1

Zolie's  - 2

Zoli's - 3

Zolie's - 4

Zoli's - 5

Zoli's - 6

Zoli's - 7

Zoli's - 8

Zoli's - 9

Zoli's - 10

Zoli's - 11

Zoli's - 12

Zoli's - 13

Eat at Zoli's!