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Ain’t No Party Like A Walking Dead Watch Party

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-PromoSunday night is the best night to watch TV for a damn good reason. The weekend is nearly over and everybody is gearing up to start the week all over again, but first things first, a topic of conversation has to be what happened on Sunday night. We're not just watching football anymore. Sunday night is practically jammed packed with a wide array of shows. We're talking fantasy, courtroom drama, revenge plot lines, in your face cartoons, gangsters, and zombies.

That's right, zombies. AMC's The Walking Dead has become TV's number one most watched show. Ten years ago, a show about zombies wouldn't have been given a chance, yet alone a full season, but given the loyal fan following, twitter message boards, TV commercials, and rip-off clones that followed (The Returned, Resurrection, Z Nation) The Walking Dead is hear to stay and its not going anywhere anytime soon.

What's better than sitting at home on a Sunday night and watch a zombie apocalypse? Watching a zombie apocalypse with a group of fans and fanatics. Sunday night I was at The Sundown At The Grenada where it was hosting the kickoff of The Walking Dead Watch Party. Ever been to a watch party? Let me answer that question with another question. Ever sat through a Super Bowl party with friends and family? That's what it feels like. Only you're indulging it week after week after week.the_walking_dead_baseball_bat

When I arrived to the rooftop area of the bar, the place was already filling up fast. I had to lay my claim for a seat right away, and I was right were I needed to be. Nestled comfortably under a roof from the light drizzle and tucked between a speaker and in view of a large projector screen. Normally I would watch The Walking Dead on DVR in the comfort of my apartment, and make my usual plot points on twitter or on Facebook. But there's nothing quite like watching the first airing of an episode with an audience; you feel sucked into that universe.

*Danger, spoilers ahead*

The Season Premier did not disappoint. There was no subtle moments or long conversations this time around. It was an all or nothing fight for survival. We were given a flashback of what it was like in Terminus where all of the residents started out normal as anyone one else in a world filled with zombies. But the end, the result was justification enough for Rick and the crew to fight back and murder the Terminites/Cannibites. (They eat people now).

Carol, who was last seen banished from last season, returns with Tyrese and Judith in tow. Her return was epic. Destroying a propane tank allowing a herd of walkers to enter Terminus. Disguising herself as a walker and discreetly shooting off guards, and showing no remorse as she allows a Terminus resident to become dinner for walkers in a candlelight setting. Tyrese who was still reeling from the events of last season, had to man up in a major way. An important life lesson: Never mess with little asskicker.

Rick was in full on rage mode throughout the episode. Slitting throats, shooting people in the back, and letting captors turn into walkers. He made good on his promise on the last season finale which was "They messed with the wrong people." Everyone got out safe and sound and we got to see a very touching family reunion with Rick/Carl/Judith and Carol/Daryl. As for the Terminus residents, we saw Gareth get shot by Rick, but we didn't see him die. So that may open the door for a future run-in with Terminus part deux in the future.Terminus

But the real crowd-pleaser of the night was the return of another Walking Dead cast member after the end credits which was no other than Morgan, the town resident who took Rick in from episode one, and who was off the rails in Season 4. Morgan's out and about in the world. Is he looking to reunite with Rick after all this time or does Morgan have another agenda?

This all has the ingredients of a very promising season by far. And with the amazed, shocked, and gleeful reactions of everyone who was there that night at The Sundown rooftop, you bet everyone's coming back for the next watch party on Sunday night and every Sunday until the midseason finale. I had great time going out, but it was a pain in butt getting through all those bodies on the way out. If only there was another venue location where I could watch The Walking Dead. (I'm talking about you Angelika Dallas) But since Sundown Grenada is the only watch party in town that is broadcasting The Walking Dead for free. Its definitely worth the trip to enjoy the scares, surprises, and WTF moments with some good friends, available alcohol, and no filter moments on a dark Sunday night.


Walking Dead Watch Party

Sunday Nights At
Sundown At Granada
3520 Greenville Ave,
Dallas, TX 75206